Took in my foster cat to this vet to see why she's wheezing and sneezing. I do some rescue work with animals throughout the city and even amongst the community of rescuers everyone has issues finding a good veterinarian but I was recommended this new vet and am thrilled with my experience. I have not come across a doctor as patient and warm as this one in a long time. I was pleasantly surprised by the thoroughness of the exam as well as the excellent communication of the doctor regarding the results.

Nicolas C

Amazing people and amazing staff who love their animals. thank you for everything

Planet Queens

Very attentive and caring. The vet answered all my questions and spent time with us. She was very good with our kitten. Would recommend highly.

Solange F

Great place! Under new management. Very friendly and kind.. it’s a must to take your pets there.

Alejandro L

So blessed for Modern Vet! THEY ARE AMAZING AND CARING. Highly recommend their services for your pets. They work from their hearts!

Sophia L

I’m so glad I found a great veterinary clinic to bring both my senior pets to! Dr. Ehmann was super sweet and very knowledgeable with my very nervous dog and also super patient and gentle with my angry cat— who did NOT want to be there! She went over their treatment plans with me afterward and explained the next steps. Blood work results came back quickly and a follow-up call was received promptly. Their staff is excellent and very welcoming and the experience overall was very pleasant. Thank you!

Cristina G

They Just bought the clinic from Dr. Bekeht my doggies have been visiting him for 14 years. I just took one of my dogs for a check-up and I'm satisfied with how they took care of her. I recommend this clinic to any pet owner. Their prices are also reasonable.

Ceasar C.

The 21st animal clinic is now called modern vet care and the vet and her staff's been very welcoming and very nice I'm taking my other fur baby princess who will be 9 on 12/06/22 and soon I will be getting a new member of the family a teacup Yorkie. This will always be our place to go thank you.

Lisa M

This location is the same as 21st Ave Vet, but the ownership has recently changed (the old vet retired). We had our first appointment with Dr. Ehmann today, and it was a very positive change. I didn't have complaints about the old vet, but the office is cleaner and brighter, everyone was kinder, and they took time to answer all my questions instead of rushing through the appointment. My cat, who is sweet but nervous in new places, actually had time to calm down and bond with the nurse. Highly recommend.

Tasha S

We want to express our sincere appreciation and heartfelt thanks to Dr. Ehmann and the staff at Modern Vet Care when we said “goodbye” to our Aggie. The compassion and respect shown to us during such a difficult time is something we will always remember. 

Dr. Ehmann has treated Aggie for some time and always treated Aggie (and her family) with respect and compassion. Dr. Ehmann’s knowledge, advice, and support are unfaltering. We have the utmost trust and respect for Dr. Ehmann and through our visits to Modern Vet Care, we experienced the rest of the team are also deserving of our trust and gratitude.

Mary E

My two cats were up for their 1st year check up and I was scrambling to find a good vet in the area, until was told about Modern Vet Care, in Astoria. I had them spayed and neutered at a different practice in NJ when I first got them, but it was way too far. even though they took great care of my cats, I am relieved to know that all their future check ups will be done close to home at Modern Vet Care. They really made me feel at ease with the care and attention they gave to my cats. And after a clean bill of health and a few dietary recommendations, we’re back home and my two loves are back to doing what they do best. Running like maniacs and living their best cat lives. I highly recommend this place to anyone who really appreciates great care for their pets.

Joban S.